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The Government of India has made it mandatory for every organization to put in place preventive, corrective and punitive measures to eliminate sexual harassment at the place of work.

Shanti Mojumdar was AGM Disciplinary Proceedings with the State Bank of India (Mumbai Circle). She was commissioned by the SBI to handle sessions to sensitise the staff at various levels, and conduct trainings for HR personnel and Complaints Committee members covering the legal, compliance and mandatory aspects of the Supreme Court guidelines relating to prevention of sexual harassment at the work place.

Shanti Mojumdar assists organizations in the public and private sectors to comply with the legal/mandatory requirements by:

  • Organising workshops and training programmes at regular intervals to sensitize employees and create awareness regarding prevention of sexual harassment
  • Assisting organizations in preparing a manual/handbook on corporate policy relating to sexual harassment.
  • Training HR personnel to handle complaints of sexual harassment.
  • Assistance in installing the entire complaint handling mechanism for MNCs who are about to commence their operations in India and for domestic companies who have no such mechanism in place as yet.
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